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With the collective experience of our excellent suppliers and our in-house expertise, we deliver more than just a product. We deliver solutions that meet your downtime schedules and stringent requirements with 100% Quality Assurance and with pride.

Steel & O'Brien Manufacturing

in Valves Ball Valves Fittings Pumps Tubing Strainers Steel and O'Brien

Steel & O’Brien is an American manufacturer of sanitary stainless steel fittings for the food processing, pharmaceutical and various other industries.

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Anvil International

in Pipe Hangers

Anvil Pipe Hangers and Supports are manufactured in three primary U.S. locations: North Kingstown, Rhode Island; Henderson, Tennessee and Columbia, Pennsylvania, each with its own unique capabilities.

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Apollo Valves

in Apollo Ball Valves Ball Valves High Performance Butterfly Valves Pressure Relief Valves

In 1968, the company introduced its Apollo® Series 70 ball valve to the commercial market.

A revolutionary innovation at the time, the product became the most specified ball valve in the world. Line extensions have resulted in new materials, new sizes and new applications for the classic Apollo ball valve.

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Armstrong International

in Armstrong Steam Traps Control Valves

Armstrong serves across many industrial sectors with a wide range of products.

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in ChemValve Lined Check Valve

ChemValve manufactures fully lined plug and ball check valves. ChemValve has established a reputation in the field for providing longer lasting and high performance fully lined plug and ball check valves. ChemValve’s commitment to engineering innovation allows it to meet a variety of customer specifications upon request.

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DFT Check Valves and Control Valves

in DFT Check Valves Control Valves

DFT® has been making the in-line check valves for over 70 years. It started with a customer’s need for a small metal-seated check valve that could be installed in any position while providing tight shut-off. The Basic-Check® valve was developed to satisfy that need.

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in Valves Dixon

The image is a very small sampling of what Dixon brings to the table. We can't begin to summarize in this brief introduction everything that Dixon has to offer. We are extremely proud to be able to offer Dixon products as part of our lineup. We'll let Dixon speak for themselves in this short video...

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in Valve Actuators EL-O-Matic

the EL-O-Matic F-Series actuator brings unmatched on/off “Fit and Forget” performance and dependability with low maintenance. Mainline services use EL-O-Matic extensively as part of our in-house valve actuation and testing to make sure the end customer has a completely tuned product ready to install.

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Flowserve Worcester CPT Characterized Seat Control Valves

in Worcester Ball Valves Control Valves Valve Actuators

After years of research and performance evaluation under severe throttling services, where precise computer control was required, Flowserve Worcester Controls has developed the CPT characterized seat control valve series. These valves exceed the performance features of traditional linear valves, as well as that of segmented ball and eccentric plug designs.

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in Valves Valve Actuators Habonim

Habonim manufactures a range of valves and actuators serving some of the most demanding industries, including oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and mining.

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