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Flowserve Worcester CPT Characterized Seat Control Valves

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After years of research and performance evaluation under severe throttling services, where precise computer control was required, Flowserve Worcester Controls has developed the CPT characterized seat control valve series. These valves exceed the performance features of traditional linear valves, as well as that of segmented ball and eccentric plug designs.


The CPT characterized seat control valve is a ball valve, but that’s where the similarity ends. The control capacity is defined by a revolutionary seat technology. These seats consist of a sintered stainless steel material that has been fully impregnated with TFE or Graphite, then laser-cut to a customized shape to best suit the individual application. Combine these capabilities with Flowserve’s high-cycle pneumatic, electric, or electro-pneumatic actuators, positioners, and accessories, and you have a control valve package that will meet the performance capabilities available with computers and PLC controller.


Look beyond traditional globe control valves to a valve technology that gives you high pressure drop capability with straight-through flow, precision control, shearing action, erosion control and bubbletight shutoff. This technology is the CPT’s self-lubricated, full contact seat of sintered stainless steel impregnated with TFE or graphite. The flow characteristic is laser cut to a “V” shape, slots, or customized shapes to meet any control requirement. The V-shaped port is available in seven standard angles for equal-percent characteristic with capacity closely matched to system needs. The lubricating action of the special coating on the ball and TFE or graphite impregnation throughout the thickness of the characterized seat results in amazingly smooth, stable throttling control.