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With the collective experience of our excellent suppliers and our in-house expertise, we deliver more than just a product. We deliver solutions that meet your downtime schedules and stringent requirements with 100% Quality Assurance and with pride.

Anvil International

in Pipe Hangers

Anvil Pipe Hangers and Supports are manufactured in three primary U.S. locations: North Kingstown, Rhode Island; Henderson, Tennessee and Columbia, Pennsylvania, each with its own unique capabilities.


At 150,000 square feet, our Pipe Support design and fabrication facility in North Kingstown, Rhode Island is the industry leader in the Engineered Hanger Market for experience and in house manufacturing capability. Our equipment can accommodate any project since we have the capability to machine, saw and flame cut up to 3" thick carbon and alloy steel and plasma cut stainless steel.

We thread rod through 4" in diameter and we hot form small to large diameter clamps.  Our facility also has complete in house blasting and painting capability and we perform complete in house Non-Destructive Examination including Liquid Penetrant, Ultrasonic and Magnetic Particle examination. This expertise is supported by our total quality programs including our ASME “NPT” Nuclear Certificate of Authorization, “NS” Certificate of Authorization and, ISO 9001.

Our manufacturing facility in Henderson, Tennessee has over 175,000 square feet of manufacturing capability dedicated to producing a complete line of commercial, light industrial and industrial Pipe Hangers and Supports. These include clamps, braces, inserts, rods and attachments, slides and guides to exacting industry standards and certified to ISO 9001 quality. The products manufactured in Henderson are designed for use in a wide variety of rigid Pipe Hanger or Support applications, in markets including fire protection,
electrical, water and waste water treatment, petrochemical, seismic, industrial and commercial. Special fabrication is available from our Henderson facility as well.

At our Columbia, Pennsylvania Foundry, where we manufacture malleable fittings, cast iron fittings and our Gruvlok® products, we also manufacture our malleable and ductile iron Hanger Products such as beam clamps, numerous types of pipe clamps, concrete inserts, ceiling flanges and different types of rod attachments. With over 600,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space under roof, our foundry has an annual pouring capacity of 100,000 tons. Columbia is ISO 9001 certified and is a quality manufacturer of malleable,
ductile and cast iron products. In addition to these three facilities Anvil also has Hanger fabrication facilities in Houston, Texas to service the Gulf Coast Engineered Hanger requirements.