300 N. Findlay St., Dayton(937) 254-6910

Main Line Supply is ISO 9000: 2015 certified and has been in the pipe, valve and fittings distribution business since 1955.  Along with our manufacturing partners, Main Line Supply has onsite vertical CNC machines, automatic indexing saws and pipe threading machines which gives us the unique capability to manufacture custom fittings, flanges, valve mounting kits and various size and length of nipples. With our inhouse manufacturing capability we can focus on quality and meet customer demands in a timely manner.  


Main Line Supply has a fleet of delivery trucks based in Dayton, Cincinnati and Lima that ensures prompt delivery of material in and around the tri-state area working alongside our major carrier partners we have extended that distribution capability nationwide and beyond. Main Line Supply has developed logistical capability second to none.

  • Vertical and Horizontal CNC capability
  • Indexing Pipe Saws for custom length pipe cuts
  • Steam Auditing
  • Valve Actuation and Testing
  • Pipe Threading Capabilities
  • Custom Valve Mounting Kits