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With the collective experience of our excellent suppliers and our in-house expertise, we deliver more than just a product. We deliver solutions that meet your downtime schedules and stringent requirements with 100% Quality Assurance and with pride.


in ChemValve Lined Check Valve

ChemValve manufactures fully lined plug and ball check valves. ChemValve has established a reputation in the field for providing longer lasting and high performance fully lined plug and ball check valves. ChemValve’s commitment to engineering innovation allows it to meet a variety of customer specifications upon request.

Industries ChemValve serves include:

Chemical Process:
• Pulp and Paper
• Power Generation
• Inorganic Chemicals
• Petro Chemicals (Organic)
• Pharmaceuticals
• Mining and Smelting (copper, iron, steel, etc.)
• Water and Waste Treatment

Agricultural Chemicals:
• Fertilizers
• Pesticides

Grain Processing

Oil and Gas:
• Production and Exploration
• Refining
• Service Companies