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Stainless Steel Hangers Pricing Increase

in Price Increases

4/16/18 An increase to stainless steel hangers will increase on an average of 6%.

Due to significant increases in the cost of steel, Globe Pipe Hanger Products
will implement an average 6% price increase on all pipe hanger and pipe
support products. This increase will become effective with shipments on April
16, 2018. Also, the free freight allowed amount will be $1,900 per shipment.
These adjustments will supersede all prior price lists and quotes.

The steel and wire industry is moving at a very hectic pace. We will continue
to closely monitor the industry as raw material costs are escalating and lead
times are increasing.

Please be assured that Globe Pipe Hanger Products is committed to
continuous improvement and to producing quality parts in the most cost
efficient way possible.

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