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in Gruvlok pipe connector

Gruvlok gives your building the toughest, simplest, and most adaptable piping system possible.

Through a combination of roll-grooving and two-bolt coupling design, this
innovative product line joins piping and other components into a single
rugged yet flexible system. This makes Gruvlok products ideal for a variety of applications — particularly in tight spaces such as subfloors, UFAD systems, crawlspaces, trenches, and tunnels.
Gruvlok products eliminate the need for traditional expansion joints, allowing your system to expand and contract with your needs. With a Gruvlok union at every joint, you have the freedom to make on-site tweaks without altering the overall design of your system.
Maintenance is as simple and flexible as installation. Every component in a Gruvlok system is easily replaceable and easily accessed, so that you can make repairs without resorting to a total shut-down.


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